The Heights


“The Heights,” as it is called, even looks different from the rest of Houston with period and reproduction Victorian structures and Mission bungalows nestled among storefronts and light industry – just the way it’s always been. The changes that swept Houston’s Inner Loop in recent years have, not surprisingly, been interpreted differently in The Heights. New construction is controlled by the scarcity of available land and the effectiveness of residential deed restrictions written block-by-block.

The Heights was one of the nation’s first “master planned communities” with utilities, streets, alleys, parks, schools and a business district. Developed by Oscar Martin Carter after 1886 to appeal to the emerging middle class.

Listed on the National Register of Historic Places, The Heights is enjoying a vibrant revival and strong upsurge in home values. Existing homes are often extensively renovated and updated while new construction is encouraged to conform to neighborhood vernacular styles. Prices on existing bungalows and cottages begin in the high $200,000s and range upward depending on location, condition, and lot size; recent and new construction prices range from around $500,000 to well upwards of $1 million.

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